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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 11, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera america . >> tragedy at islam's holiest site. a train collapse kills thousands just days before the annual pilgrimage. disturbing video shows refugees forced to pin and scramble for
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food. the house rejects the iran nuclear deal to send a message to the white house. the first candidate of the 2016 presidential race drops out. we begin with a disaster in mecca, saudi arabia. at least 10 seven are dead and some 238 others injured when a crane came crashing down on the grand mosque. the moment was captured on video. it slammed through the top of the mosque, crushing people below. and say a severe storm caused the crane to collapse. we get the latest. >> reporter: there has been heavy rains and strong
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winds over the city of mech a. a massive crane fell on the eastern side of the grand mosque. it caused death and carnage. dozens have been killed and dozens more have been injured. >> the crane falling on the third floor of the grand mosque and the doors were shut and people were locked in and there was pandemonium. a person lost a friend who got caught up. but the actual resulting of people trying to escape. >> reporter: it is the busiest time of year for the most sacred mosque in the city of mecca as pilgrims arrive to saudi arabia to perform the hodge that starts later this month. authorities have started a multi-billion expansion project since 2011. it wants to increase the
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capacity of the grand mosque and make state-of-the-art infrastructure. the project turns it into. there were no more expansions over the last few years. the saudi calls for a full and swift on. to the iran nuclear deal, secured by senate democrats on thursday, regardless, the republicans leading the house trying to send the white house a strong message using the anniversary of 9-11 as a back drop. we get the story.
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>> you are right. this is more or les a symbolic vote in the house, but the republicans aren't giving up the fight. today the house voted to reject the deal, but at the end of the day and week and at the end of the month, their cause is all but lost. it was an emotional debate on a solemn day house republicans repeatedly invoking 9-leive accusing president obama of putting the nation at risk in making the deal. >> never again! never again! never again! let those words echo forever and forever, not not only your ears but in your hearts. do not cave in. do not sacrifice the safety and security and stability of 330 million americans for the legacy of one man. >> reporter: as the debate turned personal some democrats took offense. >> i knew people who died that day. my cousin died, my friends died. i don't need to be reminded of
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that. it will not cloud my decision making on this important issue. today i stand in support of a joint comprehensive plan of action. >> reporter: republicans held a vote on approving the iran deal knowing it would fail and put politically vulnerable democrats on the spot. the measure was defeated with 25 democrats joining all but one republican in voting against the iran deal. beyond the politics the result means little. the successful filibuster by democracy means bargain unforeseen reversal the deal stands. in a statement after the vote, the president said in part,. fueling the debate, more
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insyndary comments from iran's supreme leader who predicted the demise of israel saying: friday the white house announced beverage anyone netanyahu will meet the president in washington in early november and the spokesman said deal or no deal the u.s. has no illusions about iran's behavior. >> our concerns about iran's support for terrorism have not waned. our determination to confront, to work with the international community to try to confront iran's support for terrorism has only ramped up in recent months and years. another vote expected in the senate and likely to be a revote with the same result as yesterday and that's a failure to defeat the president on this vital issue that the president calls a diplomatic victory the
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iran deal appears to be going forward. >> the republican presidential race is down one candidate this evening. rick per se dropping out of the race. perry, who served 14 years as governor of texas struggleed to raise money and gain traction in the crowded republican presidential field. the video appears to show hunganarrian officers tossing food to refugees. the activist who shot the video said the migrants were treated like animals. it happened at a camp and we get the latest. >> reporter: in an over crowded refugee camp, the hungry are frantic for food.
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in this scene of chaos and confusion, the authorities distribute what they have by throwing it in the air. the lucky ones are able to catch their meal. the refugees on these buss are waiting to be taken into this refugee camp. now, we are trying to get in as well, but the authorities are not letting us or any other journalists in but everybody on the buses are worried about what they will face when they get in. many fear what being finger printed in hungary might mean. >> i am trying to get to holland he say. but i heard germany is the only country who will take refugees who have been processed and finger printed here. >> reporter: causing more concern is how they will be treated. rights groups say conditions in the camp are appalling. >> the hungarian has neither the capacity nor the political will to address the humanitarian
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needs of the people. >> videos of men and women fenced in. he said they look more like prisoners than refugees. >> these are thoroughly miserable conditions. >> absolutely. people are just crowded in pens like animals. >> reporter: he believes the government is attempting to send a message by deliberately mistreating refugees. >> they want to make their lives as miserable as possible so word gets out to the many thousands still planning this journey to try to avoid hungary to the extent possible. >> reporter: in a statement to al jazeera we are told these imagings are taken out of contacts and the media
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their stories are only getting worse. refugees who can't understand why they are unweekend. he told me sitting there it's bettener syria if there is an explosion you die once. here you are dying a thousand deaths of humil glazing front of my children. having fled their homes and lost their posessions the last thing they expected to was to stripped of their dignity. another view.
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they are giving small bags of bread to the refugees. not enough there are few toilets for the people. the police is more than military. you can see they don't like muslims or refugeesnd horrible situation. can't handle people in an emergency situation that is not the refugee camp, it's
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a prisoner camp. like guantanamo. we have seen people and only one way to stop the crisis. they say no work. they are silent. >> the hungarian government defended the police. germany has been the most welcoming country for the refugees. hundreds of germans in big citys are welcoming to the volunteers to the -- or volunteering to help, but it's a different story in small towns. rob reynolds has that part of the story. >> reporter: in
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eastern germany a town near the polish board wer five and a half thousand residents. there are more than 100 refugees in the region and with refugees surging into germany each day, there will be hundreds more placed here. some residents welcome them this. woman said she herself was a refugee following germany's defeat in 1945. >> i know how it feels when you are on the road with no food, water or a place to stay. >> reporter: others say refugees are a burden and get too many government benefit. there are too many over running us. >> the german society will be put under because we are being put into a corner. >> lots of buildings are empty. people don't know foreigners
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here. they only know their village community. >> getting people to overcome the feelings takes a lot of work work. >> the first thing we do is explain what kind of position they are in this. houses 65 people . he said he never spoke to a single german person outside of the shelter.
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they are anxious to leave this place and move on to find their own place in german so. >> maybe these children already learning will help the children integrate into their new land and pave the way for thousands of. hundreds gathered in new york to remember those who died in the september 11th attacks. relatives of the victim,
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surexpriefers recovery workers came together for a ceremony where the twin towers once stood, vowing never to forget the lives lost or the event that changes america . the obama administration has kept his transfer from going through. >> this is the case of the man who is 74-pounds. if the president can't align his own agencies.
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>> u.s. officials say he cannot be sent back to his native yemen and remains optimistic they could release his client. ahead: police takedown. new video between the nypd and a tennis star. and police versus protestors. why an ynl event for first responders is causing controversy.
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>> three are dead and two dozen more injured after a typhoon hit japan. wochtone of the areas hardest hs nowrgt north of tokyo. >> reporter: the typhoon continued its destructive path dumping an unprecedented amount of rain. >> it was awful, but i'm happy i have been rescued. >> reporter: the self-defense force and coastguard led the rescue effort from the air. the storm unleashed its fury.
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the river burst and took everything with it. >> we were preparing to evacuate when the firefighters rushed to tell us the river banked had collapsed and we got to our cars to escape the blood. the flood. but the water is up to our needs. >> it's worse than i expected. i have been to many disaster sites but i was reminded of the energy of water disasters. >> reporter: those with no homes to go to are given shelter and food with assistance from volunteers. >> we decided to help victims of the flood as they go through this tough time jooshts this. >> reporter: this is some of the worst flooding here in 16 years, but the situation is improving. the water is receding quickly &
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clean up operation will begin. hundreds of understand this filled the streets of barcelona calling for an independent catalonia. the parade had a special meaning because it is two weeks before parlimentary sessions. as the americans watch the advance of bernie sanders, voters in the united kingdom are watching to see if their country's labor party will elect a new leader with similar politics. a self-described socialist some say could destroy the party. >> reporter: for a man who himself thought he had no chance of winning, his rise has been the most startling
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political party. >> thank you for coming along tonight. >> reporter: his messages: make corp raitionzs pay more tax, renationalize services sold off, reshape the economy to help the poor. the grassroots supporters are in rapteur. >> a whole bunch of people who knowth noing about our lives at all. these are millian areas. how are they supposed to understand a mother going without food to feed her own children in a first world country? >> reporter: the architects of the modern labor party disparage all this. tony blair thinks these people are dilutional. it represents the most extraordinary revolt against the labor party.
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they think he is a warrior who will fight for the abandoned working class. it demonstrates the huge problems facing the labor party struggling to recover from defeat in may. many have said they will not work with him if he becomes the new leader. >> i'm sure there is going to be an interesting discussion and i'm sure we will make a lot of progress because we want to oppose what the government is doing on welfare, health service and trade unions and ordinary people's lives by the cuts it is making through the budget and gross inequalities that exist in britain. >> reporter: this rally was a crucial marginal -- a place where labor should are won and failed to. a reflexes reflection of how lid
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interest in politics is. >> i don't do politics. >> thank you for all coming. >> reporter: if he wins he faces the most enormous challenges, trying to keep the party together, persuading a cynical voting public that things could be different and taking on a media that is totally hostile to him. politics could be about to become really interesting. it could be the end of the labor party. or 3,000 prisoners will be pardoned ahead of the pope's visit in cuba. they have not said if it will be people considered dissidents. this is the third time cuba has released prisoners ahead of
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a papal visit. next: the iran nuclear deal that cleared a hurdle in washington. so what next?
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>> recapping our top story now, the disastener mecca. 10 seven killed and others injured when a crane collapsed on to a grand mosque. we get>> reporter: people running around and i found out the crane had collapsed. i have been speaking to a few pilgrims and they saw the crane fall and saw a lot of bodies on the floor. many were injured, many died
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instantly and what followed was the rush. i am in a hotel closer to the enterance and polices police hae cordoned the area off. they are still coming out of the mosque. >> the storm brought rain and thunder, but also powerful winds that literally tore the siding off buildings. we get more. >> reporter: the thunderstorms that hit mecca is linked to an area of low pressure that gave the sand storms further north. we have seen the area of low pressure bring a change in wind direction and atmospheric conditions.
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high humidity and wind coming in off the red sea area will raise the humidity here and we have had unlift. the winds across the mountains. once you have that, you have uplift and it encourages the air to continue to rise and cools and condenses and you get rain. once you get the rain falling, you get big down drafts. you can see on the satellite imagery, the layers of clouds developing and almost explodes right across mecca. we haven't got official records in terms of the gusts of wind. you can see how they have died away. they are a feet i of the weather, more than half of the thunderstorms that occurred are in the autumn months. it happened right across mecca and at the time of the hodge. emotional debate over the
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iran nuclear deal. it was secured by senate democrats on third. republicans in the house tried to send the white house a strong messageution the anniversary of 9-11 as bock drop trying to force a vote on the deal trying toob record against it and the house democrats wouldn't let that happen. >> never again! never again! never again! let those words echo forever and ever. not only in your ears but in your hearts. do not cave in. do not sacrifice the safety, the security and stability of 330 million americans for the legacy of one man. >> i knew people who died that day. my cousin died, my friends died. i don't need to be reminded of that, but it will not cloud my decision making on this important issue. today i stand in support of a joint comprehensive plan of action. >> the president issued a statement:
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the focus now is on how the deal will actually be implemented. >> the accord is expected to be formally adopted on october 19th after the u.n. security council signed off on. it iran will be expected to reducing the large stockpile of enriched uranium. it will likely have to ship fuel out of country. iran must disassemble more than 13,000 centrifuges and stop producing plutonium. this will take 4-9 months. the international atomic agency will verify iran has complied with all the terms f. they have,
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the deal will be implemented. the u.s., the european union and the united nations will loosen sanctions. the treasury department says they will be given access to 60 billion of frozen assets now held abroad. it is expected to last at least 10 years. >> joining me from washington, d.c. to talk about how the deal is being received in iran an iran-american jowrnist. good to have you on the program. >> thank you for having me. >> when is the last time you were in iran? >> the last time was in 2009, actual gee that's actually. >> that's an important point. we'll come back to it later. through your network of friends and maybe those who are politically connected, how is the deal being viewed in iran.
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>> from the political view point of the different factions in power, there is a similar debate actually in iran that is happening that is mirroring the political debate that is happening here in the u.s. a hard liner that is very skeptical of any dealings with the west, eandley with america. -- especially with america. and the moderates in power as far as having the administration who have made this deal with america but hard liners being called the great satan and pushing it forward and just making more room for more to come after this nuclear deal. i would say autosort of a-- it's sort of a mirror imaging happening in both countries. >> the moderates are winning at this point or is it clear at all? >> the moderates have achieved a very important goal which was to break this deal.
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there has been a very big struggle in the past two years that the president and moderates in power have had to deal with. it's interesting the negotiations inside iran, the political discussions happened even before the deal. the moderates had the power and were able to contain the radical and hard liners and come forward and make this deal with america. i feel like in the u.s. political structure the debate is happening with just a little bit of delay compareed to iran. it accident loos like the moderates so far are winning on both sides. >> parllimit gets a-- parliment gets a vote on this. any concern they won't approve? are we going through a dog and pony show with parliment looking at the deal? >> it's a show and a big indication giving itself time and waiting for the u.s. congress to see what they do. the hard liners and the
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parliment are in power and they just want to make sure they look at tough, if not tougher than the republicans look in the congress. president obama was able to overcome and the deal will survive the congress and i think will overcome the hard liners. >> here is the question i have for you. you mentioned 2009 was the last time in the country. to what extent is this deal the legacy the reform of the movement dating back to 2009 crushed in that year. year? is this deal part of that legacy of the revolutionary movement? >> this is definitely the legacy of the eight years of reform that started in late '90s. the first time the reformists came into real power in iran and in 2009 where the population stood up to the hard liners and was crushed to some extent but
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resisted for almost a year and in 2013 the reemergence of the reformists politicians in iran with a little bit of change on the surface. again, i think this is the legacy of what started in late '90s with the new generation, 70% are under 35 years of age. the new iranian dream is no different than the american dream. they want jobs and better relations with the world after three decades of ana mossity. this is what they are pushing. a legacy and continuation what is happening from my generation. >> okay. good to see you. joining us from wash washington. big cuts forecast in u.s. oil production next year.
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we get the details on what to expect. >> reporter: a new report from the international agency forecasts a huge cut in u.s. oil production the the iea advises the largest economies and says u.s. oil production will drop 9%, a decline of 400,000-barrels per day. u.s. production averaged 9.6 million-barrels a day in april, but steadily declined to 9.1 million-barrels. there is a broader economic impact the the iea says falling oil prices could stop u.s. growth in its tracks. this decline is because of the big drop in oil prices. prices have dropped 58% from june of 2014 to today. you can see there 44.63 $44.63 a bearem. a barrel. saudi arabia's decision not to
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cut production seems to be work. saudi arabia wanted to keep its market share and hopes the lower oil prices would drive out the higher cost shale producers n. saudi arabia they dig a hole, oil comes out. here we have to frac. the old cheap oil we know from texas and oklahoma is running out. it is much more expensive. a lot of people are asking where price goes from here. goldman sachs lowered to to where it is right now, down from $57 a barrel is where it needs to be to make fracking make economic sense. prices might have to fall to as low as $20 a barrel to clear the huge surpluses? while that sounds good to people enjoying low prices and it is pain for oil companies and that could be pain for hundreds
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of thousands who work for them. >> thank you. the new york city police department has released surveillance video of former tennis pro james blake being tackled and handcuffed. as you can see here, he was standing in front of the grand high at hotel when an under cover police officer approached him, slammed him to the ground, really. it was apparently a case of mistaken identity. he thought he was a suspect in a fraudulent credit card ring. the commissioner apologized saying excessive force may have been used. the nypd is reviewing complaints about that officer. it is called urban shield, a trade show for police officers. it shows off the latest in law enforcement equipment.
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last year's show drew protests in what some perceived as a heavy handed police reaction in fergueson, missouri. we get more. [inaudible] >> reporter: absolutely. we are in oakland right now. there is a rally taking place for the stop urban shield colition. the same people here wereut here last that pressured oakland to move the venue out of that city. the trade show took place in pleasanton, a half-hour drive away from where we are. the conversation has only grown about the militarization of police. these are tactical rifles sold to the military and law enforcement, one of many products available. this trade show for law
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enforcement agencies and vendors are excited about showing off their products. >> it goes all the way across the top. >> these are our two k-9 camera systems. we have our back mounted camera and toward the front the chest mounted camera. >> reporter: this is an armored vehicle, just one example of what is making some people uncomfortable the perception there is the militarization of law enforcement. they will say it's not just about guns and weapon, it's about providing products to first responders and products for natural disasters. >> grant today is the world's largest tactical exercise and we encompass, medical, fire and bomb squads and search and rescue.
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all those disciplines are here. >> reporter: people are concerned. should they be? is there a misperception about the millit tarrization of police? >> of course there is. that's a sad reality. it's a shame that it has come to this but the police don't get to say we don't go to that call. he has hire powered weapons we are not going. people say you have to go. joosh there>> reporter: there is an anti-colition shield rally. oakland decided not to host the event. that coalition is still around because they are not just wanting to chase them out of oakland, but to get rid of them permanently. >> they are a source of the insecurity. how can communities come together and decide how they want to be protected from
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whatever threats come? >> reporter: it's interesting is that it is funded by the federal government. the 9-11 act, very appropriate for this day. it's through a program called the urban area security initiative worth 557 million, half a billion in this fiscal year alone. >> good to see you, thank you. an alabama judge declared a mistrial in the case of a madison police officer whose alterication with a man from india left the man partially paralyzed. they said they could not come to a unanimous verdict. the 26-year-old officer was charged with using unreasonable force and violating the victim's civil rights. they say the man was slammed to the ground when the officer thought he was resisting arrest. the governor of bam
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apologized -- alabama apologized to the indian government. a man in arizona connected to a series of shootings. one person was injured. police also detained a woman when they took the man into custody. next: a shark wrestler. it is a dangerous game, but he says he does it for conversation. it may be one of the greatest upsets in all of sports. serena's quest for history cut short by an unranked opponent.
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>> law makers in california have given their final sign off on a bill to allow terminally ill patients the ability to end l lives. it now goes to the governor who has not said if he will sign it. the embattled baltimore mayor says she will not run. she said she wanted to spend the final 15 month the of her term focusing on the city's problems.
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in new orleans tonight, the mayor narrowly escaped being placed under house arrest. a judge had ruled the city was in contempt as a result of a legal dispute with new orleans firefighters and that the mayor would have to spend weekends confined to his home. >> they have gone above and beyond the call of duty toe to resolve situations. >> reporter: a stand off between the city of new orleans and the firefighters. the squabble that landed on the current mayor, dates back decades. it concerns back wages that have gone unpaid through several mayoral administrations. land rue says his administration
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has done everything it can to resolve the issue. >> we have sought to and suck successfully made legislative changes. i appointed a blue ribbon commission that spent months coming up with alternatives that were turned down. >> reporter: the city owes firefighters 75 million in back wages and 67 million in interest. due to the city not giving firefighters raises required by state law. the union also won another judgment against the city when new orleans cut its pension system. the loc at firefighters union has sought to have the city held in contempt of court for not paying. new orleans say its doesn't have the money. they save costly reformed to the prison and police department have drained city coffers. >> they are now pursuing the scorched earth policy and strategy that threatens to
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severely cripple this city's ability to deliver essential services. new advice for doctors about treating high blood pressure. a more aggressive approach is needed. the national institutes stopped a trail a year early to share the potentially life saving advice. the new study suggests they target a systolic of 120, lower than recommend. it reduced the rates of heart abeing ta aattack and failure in patients by a third. it is called shark wrestling and imagings of the unusual sport is a new social media sensation. >> biggest one ever! >> reporter: elliott is known as the shark wrestler of nan tucket. reeling in then jumping in the water with giant sharks. some more than 7 feet long. >> i have caught 500 maybe.
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i have caught a lot. >> that's so cool. >> reporter: but he is also putting his hob toe good use. >> a lot of ways to do it. but prefer going in like this and pushing it through. >> reporter: he is one of thousands of american anglers who tag and release these mysterious sea creatures to learn more about them. >> reporter: she has been studying sharks since 1982. she is considered one of the top shark researchers for noaa chargeed with managing fisheries and the government tagging program. we caught up with her at this shark fishing tournament in the hamptons where anglers compete to see who can reel in the
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biggest catch. >> you see a shift in american's perceptions on sharks. >> a huge shift since i started out. when i first started going the motto was the only good shark is a dead shark. and then it started being oh, my god they are killing too many sharks. >> reporter: back on nantucket it is sun set and elliott is still at it, hoping to catch another shark joosh the best time of day to catch sharks. >> he says he releases every single catch, hoping to help provide some answers. >> obviously if you are too rough with any animal it's not good for it. >> that's a point of contention right now. if you keep them in the water and don't drag them on the beach and do all kinds of weirdness with them and just pull them in the water, get the hook out if you want to and measure it, but do everything very fast and get it back in the water.
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>> you are saying despite these big killer looking mouths and shark teeth, some shark could be vulnerable. >> they are very vulnerable. >> reporter: whether you're shark wrestling fer or fishing, the fasination is universal. >> you can see more coming up later this evening on america tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern, 7:00 pacific. we get a look at the top of the hour. >> why would anyone want to do that? i don't understand. >> that's a good question. >> coming up tonight, the stunning video of riot police in hungary throwing food at desperate refugees. many are complaining that they are being treated like animals. the anger and what can be done to solve theis croois. the health of 9-11 responders. >> i have the 9-11 cough and post traumatic stress.
7:56 pm
a heart attack because of the medications. i have restricted airway disease with the asthma. i have night terrors. >> federal money to treat 9-11 responders to running out just when many of them could begin to get sick. police released security camera video of the mistaken arrest of tennis star james blake. and the iconic illustrations of al her schfeld. all of that coming up in four minutes. >> appreciate it. nasa is showing off the best photos of pluto yet. the dwarf planet has dunes making it as complex as mars. the dunes were a pretty big surprise. they suggest pluto could have a much thicker atmosphere.
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it's being called one of the biggest upsets in tennis history. serena williams quest to be the first plair to player to claim r titles in the same year conditionals to an end. she lost to the italian player. she was a 300 to 1-underdog. a disappointed serena spoke after. >> i don't think i played that bad. i made more unforced errors than i normally would make. i mean, i think she just played really well. she did not want to lose today and neither did i. but she really didn't either. >> the win sets up an all-irgsitallian u.s. open. the italian open. she will play her fellow country man who elimmed the second ranked player in the other semi-final match. that is all of our time for this news hour. thank you for being with us. have a good weekend.
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